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Monday, May 15, 2017

If you are a product junkie like I am you have probably racked up quite a collection. I started to think to myself after trying so many makeup products what really is my favorite? I started to dig heavily into my hoarded items asking myself a series of questions. Which items do i gravitate to? Why? how many times a week do i use it? Doing a little soul searching brought me to this conclusion of items I really do admire. Not only the price tag but how fantastic the quality of these items are. Of course i had to make a list of makeup gems because I cant only choose one in each category. I have used these products on a daily basis and will continue to do so. I hope you enjoy my list of drugstore gems, and hope you are intrigued to try any of them for yourself.


L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer ($12-$13)

This is a cult favorite everyone I have encountered enjoys. I love that it smooths the complexion, and boosts the luminosity of my skin. It is often compared to the Becca Back light Priming Filter which retails for $38. I would suggest picking up samples of both and comparing them for yourself.

Covergirl TruBlend Primer for oily skin ($8-$9)

I love that they have several options of this primer. There is one for combo,oily, and dry skin. I enjoy a primer that is not silicone based and is hydrating. This primer makes my skin feel supple and like I'm moisturizing my face. I don't find that it clogs my pores, but helps to minimize shine on my face.


L'oreal Pro- Glow & Pro-Matte ($12-$13)

I am sure you have already heard tons of praises about these! If you haven't yet then are you living under a rock? lol but really these foundations are so good! They have amazing coverage, and the price tag for these are a great addition as well. I tend to have oily skin so I usually use the matte one.  Except with summer around the corner I do lean towards a more dewy complexion. I find that even with my skin I can still use the Pro Glow, and set areas where I tend to get oily with a translucent powder.

Maybelline Dream Cushion ($14-$16)

This was my first cushion foundation I've ever purchased i personally felt they weren't for me. I was very curious about giving this foundation a try, and I am so glad i did! This has a very luminous medium to full coverage it can also be built up. My favorite feature about this foundation is that it's compact and travel friendly. If you've always wanted to try a cushion foundation definitely give this one a go.

LA Girl Pro $10

I am a big fan of LA girl for their affordable prices. They absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one! It is full coverage, and gives you flawless looking skin. I have found that it's a good dupe for the Makeup Forever HD Foundation (even the packaging is similar). They also sell a white foundation pigment to lighten your foundation up.

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream $8

I really enjoy this BB Cream for those work days where you don't want to wear a lot of makeup. This BB Cream does a good job of covering up imperfections and blemishes. It is very light weight and doesn't cake up on the skin.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus $6

I don't know what they put into this foundation but it is incredible!! I cannot believe how cheap it is, and what a great formula it is. My favorite aspect of this foundation is the applicator. It has a flat wand, and it is perfect to apply the foundation onto the face. A little goes a long way before you know it you'll be camera ready.


Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer $4

Of course i had to put the matching concealer to the foundation they go hand in hand. This concealer blends away nicely and doesn't leave a white cast underneath the eyes. It also claims to be tested under different photo lighting conditions.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin  $9

I use this concealer to spot treatment all of my blemishes. It contains  Actyl-C which is a more durable form of  Vitamin C. You're basically getting a 2 in 1 by using it, by concealing and getting Vitamin C into the skin.

Maybelline fit me ($7-$8)

A drugstore gem wouldn't be complete without this item. Everyone and their momma has gone out to buy this, and with good reason. It is so light- weight and creamy the formula is very natural as well. This is such a fan favorite to all beauty bloggers. The only thing that i dislike is their shade range!  Maybelline! seriously get more shades so everyone can enjoy this.

Milani Retouch+ Base Light Lifting Concealer $9  

I received this concealer at Gen Beauty LA and i was impressed. It does exactly what it claims. It blurs your dark circles on the eyes, and adds brightness to the face. The only thing i disagree with is that it does crease. Always set your under eyes to avoid any type of creasing.


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder $5

I love love this translucent powder! I took awhile to purchase this item since I have tan skin I was scared it would leave a white cast on my face. To my surprise after testing it several times It was completely transparent. I enjoy pressed powders since it is cleaner, and easier to travel with. If you want to do a touch up throughout the day put this item into your purse.

Eyeshadow Primer-  Essence I Love Stage $3.49

Personally I don't have many drugstore favorite eyeshadow primers. I lean more towards my MAC paint pot or Pro Longwear in my collection. When I picked up this item I wasn't expecting too much, Honestly I just wanted a cheap base so I can conserve my high end ones lol. As soon as I applied this to the eyelids my jaw dropped! it has creamy yet thick consistency, it does not crease at all on the eyes! I will be repurchasing this item again and again because it just work nicely! It reminds me a lot of my MAC Pro Longwear concealer where they are both creamy!


Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss in Peach Kiss $9

This highlighter blew me away! the pan size itself is enormous for a highlight. It gave me an Estee Lauder heat wave vibe. When I swatched it onto my skin I was like oh yes girl this will be my summer glow! It is a finely milled crushed pigment, and they have several options for different skin tones as well.

Wet N Wild Highlighters- Crown Of My Canopy & Precious Petals $5

For the longest time it was difficult for anyone to get their hands on these. They were just constantly sold out everywhere. When I finally got my hands on one I saw what all of the hype was about. If you're a highlight queen but want to save your money while slaying these are perfect!! The finish is incredible and so is the pigmentation. It really is one of the best drugstore highlighters out on the market right now.


Milani Baked Bronzer in Soleil ($7-$8)

If you have medium- tan skin and you want a beautiful shimmery glow this is for you!  It also has many uses to bronze up your skin. Go ahead put it on your shoulders or collar bones!

Rimmel Natural Bronzer $5

Rimmel has a great variety of bronzers for different skin tones. I find that they don't leave my skin looking muddy at all. Especially for those hot summer days these bronzers are waterproof!

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder In Sunny ($3-$4)

NYC is another line that is very affordable and is a hidden gem. This bronzer is buildable and I find that it is a dupe for the benefit hoola bronzer! 

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer ($14-$15)

This bronzer is such a cult classic! it smells like a tropical paradise and it adds a beautiful radiant cool tone bronze. I hope they expand their shade range more so others can enjoy it as well! Thank You to Kathleen Lights who got us all hooked on this.


Colourpop Brow Pencil $5

I love this brow pencil so much!! It has intense color and I do like that it is very velvety. It reminds me a lot of the Anastasia Brow Wiz for a fraction of the price

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon ($9-10)

This brow crayon is perfect for your on the go errand days. It is so easy to create bold brows, and fill in sparse hairs and be out the door.

Maybelline Precise Fiber Volumizer ($8-10)

Once you apply this onto the brows they will stay put all day! It creates nice volume and gives your brows a boost. I love how  flat and tapered the brush is. It is great for getting right into small areas of the brows. There's also different shade ranges to add a nice tint of color to the eyebrows.


Wet N Wild $5

Here is another product that Wet N Wild delivered on! I love this duo and how it sculpts my face. The lighter color highlights the features like the under eyes as well.

Pixi Glow & Bronze by Maryam Maquillage $20

Maryam Maquillage is another great YouTuber who collaborated with Pixi Cosmetics. This contour palette consists of 3 different bronzers and highlights. I honestly feel it is perfect for all skin tones. It adds a beautiful radiance and warmth to the skin. If you want to see this palette in action look up maryamnyc for videos. This palette is the most expensive contour drugstore palette i own but it is worth every penny.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour ($12-13)

If you want in all in product this is the one. I love the idea of this  you get the bronzer,blush, and highlighter. The quality of this item is great and it is also travel friendly.


Makeup Revolution Palettes: Death by Chocolate dupe for (Chocolate Bar Palette) (All $15)
Salted Caramel dupe for ( Semi-sweet Chocolate bar)
Chocolate & Peaches dupe for ( Sweet Peach Palette)

Makeup Revolution is a great u.k. brand that has recently been picked up by Ulta. I use to order their products online from TAM Beauty, so of course I was excited to know they were coming to the U.S.! I would get so antsy waiting for the products to come in the mail. (i know millennial first world problems) Makeup Revolution is widely known for making dupe products from high end brands. I noticed they mainly dupe Too Faced items, but I've also seen Kat Von D, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, and Lorac. Not only do i buy their products for the affordability, but also the great quality. The
palettes I own have all been up to par. The eyeshadows are pigmented, creamy, and blendable. If you're looking to save money gives these a try you'll love them just as much as i do.

Essence Eyeshadow Palette in All About Nudes( $5.49) single shadow in The Grammy goes Glammy ($2-$3)

Essence is a brand that first started in Germany in 2007. It finally made it onto Ulta shelves in 2010, and has had great success in over 50 different countries. Let me just tell you that out of all of the items in my collection I am most impressed with Essence as a whole brand. I had skimmed through the aisles many times at drugstores. I would glance at their products but i always felt like the products would be gimmicky since the price tag is unbelievable. After hearing beauty bloggers rave about their products i just knew i had to give it a try. My first purchase was the All About Nudes eyeshadow palette. As soon as I dipped my brush into the shadow I knew I was sold! Just with how soft the shadows were, and the nice application on the eyes. This has become a staple in my collection for everyday makeup. Also the single shadow in The Grammy Goes Glammy is my favorite. It is perfect for inner corner highlight, the brow bone, even a highlighter if you have fair skin. i have many single shadows from them i promise you that they will impress you.

L'oreal Infalliable Single Shadows ($6-$8)

These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented! As you can see in the swatches they really killed it with these products. They are a little pricey for a single shadow but they're perfect for the lids to make the eyes pop. I love the pressed pot eye shadow packaging as well.

Colourpop Blow Me Away Palette $18

Finally Colourpop has come out with eyeshadow palettes! I was excited since Colourpop is one of my favorite affordable brands. What i appreciate about this palette is being able to remove each shadow into a Z Palette to create your own. I don't love the packaging since the eyeshadow names are not shown on the palette. Other then that this quad is perfect for creating vibrant monochromatic looks. Each pressed shadow is highly pigmented, and is great quality. Make sure to tap off the excess of your brush to avoid over application, and fallout.

Pixi Its Judy Time Palette $24

 Famous YouTuber Judy Travis did a great job creating this eyeshadow palette. It has such a nice selection of 12 different shades. I gravitate towards this palette frequently since I am warm toned eyeshadow lover. Whether you're running some errands or spending a night out on the town you can create beautiful eyeshadow looks with this palette. It is the most expensive drugstore eyeshadow palette i own but it is worth it! The quality of these eyeshadows are silky and definitely worth more then $24!

Liquid catsuit matte lipsticks $5

Wet N Wild slayed this release! they certainly glide right on and transform into a highly pigmented liquid lipstick. This collection definitely gives me Jeffree Star vibes with the packaging and the applicator. They will stay on your lips for a long period of time make sure to try these lipsticks you wont regret it.

Colourpop Lippies ($5-6)

As you can see I absolutely adore Colourpop lipsticks! I have so many I cant even count them up! (I still have more that aren't in this photo lol) From matte to glossy I love all of their lip products. Colourpop delivers on all of their lip products and their also affordable you need to give them a try if you haven't yet!

NYX butter glosses, soft matte lip creams $4-6

If you've watched my YouTube video in the past you would know how much I love these lippies! They are so creamy,lustrous and apply like silk. My favorite feature about the butter glosses is the intense shine, and they are not sticky on the lips. You may need to reapply the lippie since they're not super long lasting. If you want to see more about their products look for my video on NYX in my blog.

NYC Liquid Liner ($2-$3)

When I was in high school this was my go to liner. Not only is it cheap, but it is packed with pigment and is intensely black. Make sure you are careful when applying this since it is very liquidity.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes gel eyeliner $6

If you love gel liners like I do this one is a definite pick up. It is creamy and intensely black with a matte finish. I would recommend this to someone who has never used eye liner before. Also if you want precision I would throw away the one in the packaging its not a good eyeliner brush.

Jesse's Girl Eyeliner ($6-$7)

I heard about this eyeliner from Kathleen Lights so i knew i needed to try it. This is a waterproof formula and has a fine tipped brush and leaves a satin finish. It is a great dupe for the Kat Von D liner in Trooper. Also I've only been able to find this eyeliner at my local Walgreen's.

As you can see I have a large list of items I really like! These are the gems that have personally worked well for me. Just because something is drugstore doesn't mean the quality is poor. Don't be fooled there is so many hidden gems near you. All of them deliver on quality and have a great price range. (Quick Tip: Ulta constantly has sales on their drugstore items. For example buy one get one free or 50% off! this is another way I save money) If you have any drugstore gems you love please leave me a recommendation in the comments down below!


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