NYX Lip Product Review

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey guys sorry I've been M.I.A. For awhile life just gets busy sometimes you know? Anyways I've been looking into more drugstore products lately,  not just high end. Shopping drugstore products made me think people should know about these goodies. Lately I have been loving local store products, and the quality. Especially since it's a bang for your buck.(Cha-Ching $) I am all about being savey and finding quality things. I realized over time just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's good. I use to be a skeptic of drugstore brands thinking there was a catch to the cost. I bought ONE! single item from the brand NYX I was unsure if the quality was going to be good. Well I have to say I fell completely in love with this brand! I know I am a little late on hopping onto the NYX band wagon guys! The quality is outstanding and so is the price. The thing I love the most was the lip products. They are very long-lasting, comfortable, and you get a great color selection. They have a lot of lip color options to fit all types of individuals. Also they vary from glosses,lip crayons, to matte lipsticks. The price varies from $4-$7 depending on where you shop. Down below I will put some swatches telling you my opinion on each different lip product type. I hope this convinces you to go, and purchase one and try it out for yourself! I also added my full review of my NYX products down below enjoy!

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