Ole Henriksen- Melting Cleanser Review

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This little Item is absolutely necessary for all makeup wearing ladies! It does wonders for the skin and it will thoroughly assist in cleansing your face. I will talk about the importance of double cleansing and how this product is used.

Why Double-Cleanse?
There are two types of impurities that lodge into our skin. 1. There are oil-based substances like makeup and sebum. 2. There is water-based substances such as bacteria, perspiration, and dust. Your skin becomes exposed to those elements on a daily basis. The skin cannot repair/regenerate itself if it is exposed to chemicals. When you start your cleanse with an oil based product, it'll lift off the dirt from your face removing dirt and residue. Also, a good side note is that oil based cleansers will not aggravate the skin or cause new breakouts.

How to use:
1.Use dry hands and massage the product in circular motions to melt impurities. I use about a dime size and place it around my face with a Q-Tip. Do not contiminate the container with your hands or use too much product.

2. Break it down! After you massage the product in, you want to add a bit of warm water. Massage the water into the skin as well but do not rinse your face yet. This will speed up the cleansing routine by getting rid of most of the oil.

3. Now that you've finished that first step of cleansing you can move on to the next. Use a facial cleanser of your choice to wash away the water based substances. Even if you are not a makeup wearer the skin tends to get oilier throughout the day. You always want to make sure you do not skip a step of your routine. This product is $34 which is a pretty reasonable price for all the use you get from it. If you want to get a bang for your buck Target has a nice dupe by No7 that is $9.99! Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with my blog I appreciate all your support. 

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