My Winter Skincare Routine

Monday, January 22, 2018

Brrr! Winter Winter Winter! ❄ for most people it is a great time to ski, sled, build snowmen, and have snowball fights. It's great for people like my husband, and others who enjoy winter activities, but.... I AM NOT ONE OF THEM 😰 When I think of winter I just see shorter days, runny noses, and cold mornings. It's not all bad though it gives me an excuse to be a homebody, and stuff my face. I really enjoy having a cup of warm tea in my fuzzy socks and cozy pants, but I am most definitely a tropical person. Anyway I really wanted share my winter skincare routine with you guys. My skin is usually oily year-round, but when winter comes around my skin changes to combo. Salt Lake City, Utah has really bad air quality, and is one of the driest states i’ve lived in. This routine really helps me combat dry skin in these harsh weather conditions.


1. Dermae Micellar Water Vitamin C- I always double cleanse my skin especially since I have  been sleeping for 6-8 + hours. Throughout the night excess dirt,and oils build up on your skins surface. If you aren't washing your face daily it will lead to breakouts and clogged pores. This Micellar water lifts the impurities off of my skin. I personally enjoy Vitamin C for my morning routines to refresh, and brighten my skin.

2. Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser- This has got to be one of my favorite cleansers year round. Not only is it affordable but it is effective since it has a low ph of 5 it doesn't strip your skin. It also has a mild BHA exfoliant to deeply cleanses the skin and soothes breakouts. Sometimes I will mix the Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser to prevent further breakouts. It has salicylic acid which releases acne medication that remains active for hours. (be careful if used to often may cause skin irritation always use spf to protect your skin)  

3. Lush Cosmetics Eau Roma Water- Since I'm prone to dry and irritated skin in the winter I use this toner water. It has rose water which calms irritations and helps my redness. It also has lavender water making my skin feel supple, and balanced.

4. May Coop Raw Sauce Peach & Lily- I absolutely love this essence I have raved all about it in a previous blog post. This essence was the first one I had ever used in my routine. I have tried other ones, but this one is just my personal go to. It is highly concentrated with 93% maple tree sap. It allows the essence and following products to sink deeper into the skin for better absorption.

5. The Ordinary. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%- Both of these ingredients are vital for my oily skin. Niacinamide helps with uneven skin tone, and pores, and Zinc helps control oil production.

6. SKINFOOD Peach Sake Emulsion🍑- Peach in itself has a significant amount of minerals, and vitamins such as vitamin A & C. The antioxidants of this product helps with anti-aging and free radical damage. Sake helps promote blood circulation, and tightens the pores.

7. The Ordinary. Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG- Since I often get oily eyelids this is a great water based serum eye gel. EGCG is an abbreviated fancy word for a compound found in green tea leaves. This product really helps reduce my puffy eyes, and helps with my dark circles.

8. Elf Daily Hydration Moisturizer-  This is one of the household skincare favorites my husband really likes this moisturizer. Even though we have different skin types we both enjoy this product. Each one of us has our own, and wont use each others that's how serious it is!  It’s light weight, and my skin feels nourished. Dermatologists have tested this product, and loved that it locked in hydration. This cream is infused with cucumber, jojoba, Shea butter, and aloe.

9. Dermae Radiant Glow Face Oil- I really love this oil it is so great, and gives me that pop! I feel so luxurious and like I'm getting that JLO glow. This oil really helps me in the winter to combat dehydration, and definitely provides radiance. I also love that Dermae is a brand that is cruelty-free and vegan.

10. Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm- Fresh as a brand is one of my favorites they have amazing skincare products. This lip balm is great to seal in hydration, and soothe the lips.  

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